Microsoft will remove Spectre problems from Windows 10 with the help of Google

The year 2018 was marked by the many problems that the Intel processors presented. Specter and Meltdown have shown how a simple flaw can compromise an entire line of processors.

The fixes appeared and this brought even more problems as the machines eventually slowed down. Now Microsoft seems to have a solution and for that it will rely on Google’s help. The resolution of these 2 problems will already be applied to the new Intel processors, but the problem will persist for many years in processors that are already in use. In these cases the hope is in the operating systems themselves.


But, as expected, the solution for Specter and Meltdown, have led to a slowdown in these operating systems. In the case of Windows, Microsoft has tried to solve the problem by speeding up its system.

Microsoft wants to eliminate the Specter impact of Windows 10

The solution seems to have now appeared and Microsoft has announced that it will reduce this slowness to a simple noise that will be present, but that will not affect users and not even Windows.


A Google help to eliminate Specter from Windows 10

In addition to the changes in the Windows kernel, Microsoft seems to be also counting on Google. For this will incorporate in Windows Retpoline, which the research giant has introduced and that already uses in its servers and that now is available to all.

Not everything is good news for Windows 10

Although these solutions are being tested and practically validated, the problem comes from their availability. Microsoft should only incorporate it into the next major Windows update, due to be released next year.

This will virtually solve the problem of Intel processors in Windows. The performance gain will bring this operating system to the same position before the introduction of the patches that Microsoft applied.


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