Microsoft will pay up to $ 20,000 per Azure bugs solution worldwide

The Microsoft knows that it can not handle all the bugs that your platform is. For this reason, the company has a “bug-hunting” program (a pun on insect hunting in the English term). Now, she’s putting her cloud platform to Azure, also in this program.

The company included Azure DevOps in its bug-hunting plan. It is Microsoft’s cloud service that allows developers to build functionality and put it on the air faster by using cloud services.

Of course, every game has its own reward. Microsoft lists some problems and can give up to $ 20,000 (~ $ 75,000) for anyone who resolves them. “The research community plays a key role in maintaining our customers’ security, and we will review each submission and acknowledge their efforts in accordance with our program criteria. If your submission is not eligible for rewards but still helps us correct or improve our product, we will offer public acknowledgements and recognition for your contribution. Please send your vulnerabilities to, “said Jarek Stanley, senior program manager at post on the platform.

The new bug-hunting industry has been available since Thursday (17) and is open to developers around the world.


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