Home NEWS Microsoft will completely abandon Windows 7 next year

Microsoft will completely abandon Windows 7 next year

Microsoft will completely abandon Windows 7 next year

Windows 7 represents one of the most successful versions of Microsoft’s operating system ever. After a Windows Vista that did not convince the community, this version came to delight all lovers of this software.

However, like everything else in life, also this operating system must come to an end. In effect, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer make security updates available for Windows 7 as of January 15, 2020.

This means the end of the line for this fantastic operating system. From just today to a year, Windows 7 will be abandoned by Microsoft. Still, the business sector may receive security updates for another three years, but at an inherent cost.

Microsoft Windows 7 reaches the end of the line precisely in one year

Therefore, stakeholders will have to pay a certain amount for each piece of equipment to be supported. Moreover, it should be noted that this figure will rise annually, something that will certainly discourage potential stakeholders.

More than ten years after its release, Windows 7 will definitely be abandoned by Microsoft. But, in fact, this support time was longer than originally planned. Support for this operating system was scheduled to be completed in 2012.

Still, only next year will Microsoft take that step, probably due to the great popularity that the software in question has raised. It should be noted that only earlier this year has Windows 10 been able to overcome the version released in 2009.

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There have been several efforts by Microsoft to instill Windows 10 into its users. All those who had a Windows 7 or 8.1 had the possibility to migrate to the 10 for free. So, the fact that Windows 10 only now has surpassed 7 shows well the popularity of this latest version.

Finally, just note that the version released in 2009 had already lost some of its support in 2015. Therefore, it was in that year that Microsoft stopped releasing new features for the operating system.


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