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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 may bring USB-C input

Microsoft recently patented a product with USB-C input that much resembles a Surface. With the forthcoming presentation of the new Surface Pro 7, it seems to be the most plausible candidate for its application.

The patent in question was discovered by Windows United and shows us that the US company is at least studying the idea. In the image we can see a USB-C, a USB-A and a Mini DisplayPort.


This leaves Microsoft expecting to be able to set aside the Surface Connector magnetic input in the future Surface Pro 7. It would thus be a step towards the future, as USB-C is increasingly popular in the technology world.

Microsoft will continue to offer a diversity of entries

If this patent materializes, Microsoft will do something more advantageous than Apple did with the MacBook Pro. By maintaining the USB-A port, the Redmond company will continue to give more power to its users. You can continue to connect your Pen-USB to your Surface if you need it.

At the same time, you will have the same port for loading and transferring data in Surface Pro 7. This is one of the main advantages of USB-C inputs, data transfer and power through the same connector.

In addition, Microsoft may adopt Thunderbolt 3 technology, which will allow the inclusion of higher data transfer speeds. Something that will also please the gamers, because it allows the connection of an external graphic to the Surface.

The Surface line is one of the most successful ever launched by Microsoft. Its power and build quality have grabbed the fans and this premise will certainly continue to feature in future products.

So it’s only natural that Microsoft is looking at new technologies to include in these products. In short, this is what this patent reveals to us. We do not know if this will eventually come to a real product, but that possibility is now on the table.

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