Microsoft restarted the October 10 update of Windows 10

The October 10 update of Windows 10 has been Microsoft’s latest headache. Everything pointed to a release without major issues, but the truth is that soon the problems arose.

It all culminated with Microsoft removing this update and uninstalling it on computers. The problem seems to be already resolved and Microsoft has re-released the October 10 update of Windows 10, but still in a controlled environment.

The biggest problem with the October 10 update of Windows 10 was the disappearance of files after the installation, something that Microsoft could not resolve immediately and apparently can only do it with System Restore.

After over the weekend Microsoft has removed this update, behold, it comes back now, corrected, but still in a controlled and limited way. Only those who are in the Insiders program in the Slow and Release Preview can have access to it.

Microsoft has revealed that it has identified the problem and solved it, also indicating that it would be associated with a feature called “Known Folder Redirection (KFR)” and an attempt to remove extra duplicate folders, which could lead to loss of files in 3 scenarios specific.

By launching this new build in these channels Microsoft is able to gradually test the new version to detect problems, which should have done initially.

After successfully testing this release, something should not take too long, Microsoft will finally re-release the October 10 update of Windows, already trouble-free. There are no dates for this release yet.

Microsoft has yet to address the issue of missing files, which will have affected only “one-hundredth of one percent of users,” but at least it does not happen to more users.


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