Home NEWS Microsoft presents 85-inch screen for Surface Hub 2

Microsoft presents 85-inch screen for Surface Hub 2

Microsoft presents 85-inch screen for Surface Hub 2

The Microsoft presented at an event last week a new version of Surface Hub 2 even greater than 50 inches. This is a computer that works as a great screen for presentations, something nice for the corporate world and also for educational institutions and events. The new model features 85 inches in a 16: 9 ratio, different from the 3: 2 system’s smaller version.

Microsoft’s proposal with the device is to allow it to become the new way of doing presentations in companies. The unit has casters and can also be placed on the wall, with a malleable capacity of movement.

The Surface Hub 2 also connects to other Surface devices, allowing sharing for presentations. The big thing about Hub 2 is that it has hardware upgrades without having to change the entire screen. Thus, there is a hardware cartridge slot for CPU, RAM, and GPU enhancement of the device.

So far, Microsoft has not yet revealed what the price of this new model will be. It is worth remembering that Hub 2 only “50” is sold for $ 8,999 (~ $ 35,000), with the version with wheels adds $ 1,450 (~ $ 5,700) to the value of the product.

The 85-inch version also has no date yet to hit the market.


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