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Microsoft ports exclusive PC technology on the console


In the premiere release of the Inside Xbox program, the developers of Xbox One talked about an impressive update that will appear on the console this spring. Recall, not so long ago, Microsoft announced a new monthly show: in it, employees of the famous corporation will talk about the process of creating games, plans for the development of consoles and simply introduce the audience to the internal “kitchen” of the company. The first broadcast took place last weekend, and its main theme was the upcoming release of Sea of Thieves. However, gamers are likely to be much more interested in other news from the first mouth.

For example, it turned out that before the Xbox One will finally get the technology AMD FreeSync in version 2.0. Its main function is to link the display update to the frequency of generating new frames. In other words, it reduces the latency of image output to the screen and synchronizes the development with the frame rate, so that the user gets an incredibly sharp picture. As a result, the owners of the Xbox One S and X will be able to say goodbye to “slowing control”, tears and vagueness during especially complex scenes with a sagging FPS. Note, this feature has been available for many years on computers, but it will appear on consoles for the first time.

In addition, Xbox One X will get native support for a resolution of 2560×1440. The prefix Microsoft will be able to display the picture in three formats: Full HD (1080p), WQHD (1440p), UHD (2160p) – depending on the preferences of the user and his display.


The hosts also shared other news: they talked about integration with Twitter for the opportunity to instantly share the best game moments with friends, as well as about updating the Microsoft Edge browser, which will approach the version for Windows 10. It was not without a little insanity: in honor of launching the pirate action game Sea of Thieves,  its creators announced a hunt for quite real treasures. The team, which will solve all 15 puzzles and complete The Banana Quest faster than all, will receive as a reward … bananas, of course. Not impressive? Perhaps, only cherished fruits are made of pure gold. Alas, the players from Russia will pass the quest. Let’s remind, the adventure leaves on Xbox One and PC already on March, 20th.


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