Home NEWS Microsoft makes incredible discovery about Windows in Asia

Microsoft makes incredible discovery about Windows in Asia

Microsoft makes incredible discovery about Windows in Asia

A few months ago, Microsoft had strong suspicions that its software – Windows – was pirated on a large scale in Asia. It has therefore decided to launch a large-scale investigation.

Now, upon completion of this investigation, the end results are simply unbelievable. incredibly, the US company has found that much of the blame for piracy in Asian countries is not on the side of users. The results showed that the overwhelming majority of computers sold in several countries in Asia are delivered to users already with pirated versions of Windows. In this way, they put the users at risk.

Unfortunately, the research did not have the desired proportions, but the results were still surprising. Microsoft bought a total of 166 computers in 9 Asian countries.

Microsoft confirms big Windows piracy scheme in Asia

The company found that 100% of the computers purchased in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand came equipped with a pirated version of Windows. In a total of 166 computers purchased, a total of 83% of PCs came with pirated versions.

These results are shocking indeed. Especially if we think that it is the stores that sell computers without official software. Quite possibly ending up taking advantage of your customers.


Therefore, one of the heads of the cybercrime division of Microsoft in Asia, stresses that “free software is never really free.” So, wanting to mention that in these pirated versions, it is very rare that they do not come loaded with malware that can give users problems.

Mary Jo Schrade also reveals that at least 85% of the pirated versions of Windows in India come with several types of malware installed. With such high numbers, it is difficult to think of possible strategies. So that Microsoft can combat this extremely complicated situation.


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