Home Application Microsoft Launcher will bring “Parental Control” to Android users

Microsoft Launcher will bring “Parental Control” to Android users

Microsoft Launcher will bring Parental Control to Android users
Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft is a company that, from one point of view, tries to be present on all types of platforms. The Microsoft Launcher for Android is an example of this.

In fact, one of the latest updates of the same will lead to its users can use something highly sought after.

What? As more and more young people use smartphones every day, the Redmond company has decided to implement the possibility of finding a relative through the Microsoft Launcher.

Gaming’s Netflix – That’s what Microsoft may become in the future

As well? Basically, the previous version of the application allows configuring the location of family members. The goal of the US company is, of course, to give Android users the possibility of taking parental control over who is entitled.

Parental control is an issue that Microsoft Launcher thinks it can solve on Android …

So, as in previous times, the Microsoft Launcher becomes even more distinctive and therefore unique. Of course, it’s still a free app you can find in the Google Play Store.

Truth be told, one could argue that at the time it was released, the launcher would be something uninteresting and little (or nothing) better than many others, what is certain is that this is no longer true today. Quite the opposite.

The team responsible for developing this application and many others, for the most used operating system in the world, ended up developing the app in the best possible way. And still good.


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