Home NEWS Microsoft is planning to launch an Xbox One ‘Digital’

Microsoft is planning to launch an Xbox One ‘Digital’

Microsoft is planning to launch an Xbox One Digital

Now that we are nearing the end of the life cycle of the current generation of consoles, it looks like Microsoft is wanting to test the market! This is because before the launch of the new console, the company wants to launch a review of its Xbox One without physical format support, ie ‘Digital Only’.

This review of the console will be based on the Xbox One Original instead of the more powerful Xbox One X

According to some sources, Microsoft will launch this console with support only digital formats in 2019, priced below $ 200. Similarly, it is likely that a review of the Xbox One S will also be released, a bit more expensive, but with support for ‘physical’ games.

Interestingly, Microsoft has already tried this strategy in 2013 when it announced the Xbox One, but eventually failed …

However, now that several players even prefer to download the games, instead of going to the corner store to buy them. It could be a good opportunity to test the market.

And maybe realize, if it makes sense to implement a Blu-Ray player on the Xbox Scarlett.

If you happen to own an Xbox One with several physical games … Microsoft is planning a transition program for you

According to the same source, Microsoft is planning to launch a ‘disk to digital’ switching program. In that basically, they will exchange their physical game, by the digital version of it.

What deep down might be a good idea! Since the company gives great value to the backward compatibility between consoles. And so, these ‘digital’ games should be compatible with the new Xbox console.

Xbox Scarlet – Not all games will achieve the 4K / 60FPS!


According to Stefano Pinna, founder, and CEO of the ‘Indie’ development studio Forge Studios. The Xbox Scarlet will not be able to support 4K games at 60FPS!

In a recent interview, the CEO of Forge Studios said that Microsoft will not be able to take the new Xbox Scarlet to the level so desired by players … The 4K and 60FPS.


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