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Microsoft is developing its controller for gaming smartphones

Microsoft is developing its controller for gaming smartphones

Gaming smartphones are becoming increasingly popular in the technology market. Razer was the first to decide to invest in this new niche market, and it was not long before other brands followed. Now Microsoft is also preparing to do the same.

First of all, it should be noted at the outset that there is no plan of the American company for the launch of a gaming smartphone. At least as far as we know. Microsoft sees yes the growth that is happening in this market. In fact, it is already studying various ways to further enhance this niche. One of these forms will be the launch of the xCloud service.

This service is being developed in order to bring the games from your Xbox to your smartphone. It would work identically to what can already be done in Windows 10. However, this type of service raises some questions.

Microsoft wants to boost the gaming smartphone market

One of the main doubts is related to the gameplay of these same titles in this platform. Gaming smartphones are very interesting in terms of portability, but not so much in terms of gameplay.

Convince that the controls on the screen are not as intuitive as those of a command developed for this purpose. Therefore, Microsoft is already developing a driver precisely to address this need.

Microsoft gaming controller


The first information comes to us now through the publication Windows Central. According to what has been advanced, Microsoft is developing an accessory that will work on both smartphones and tablets. Something very similar to what happens in a Nintendo Switch.

These may be coupled to these devices at their ends. In addition, they may be attached to one another, attached to their loading dock for more conventional use and similar to a console command. The image above depicts the information in the document that has now been discovered.

In conclusion, it should be stressed that all this is still a project under development. Although its actual application may seem quite useful, nothing is guaranteed that such accessories can actually reach the market.


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