Home NEWS Microsoft even wanted to bring virtual reality to Xbox One

Microsoft even wanted to bring virtual reality to Xbox One

Microsoft even wanted to bring virtual reality to Xbox One

Just two months ago, one of Microsoft’s marketers said there were no plans to create a VR (virtual reality) accessory for Xbox One. But that does not seem to reflect reality.

According to information gathered by CNET, Microsoft had even a  headset VR under development that would be for the Xbox One. But it is not worth become very enthusiastic, the project was put on “pause” indefinitely.

It seems that the company decided to put the project on standby until better technology related to virtual reality becomes available. However, Microsoft has been “hunting” partners for the development of games for virtual reality for some years.

The same source also revealed that the screen quality of the Microsoft VR headset was good, but could not reach the level of competition. That is, it failed to reach the same level of Facebook Oculus Rift or HTC Live.

Microsoft Xbox One could have received a virtual reality headset

There are several possibilities that may have led to this decision by Microsoft. Or even all of them together ended up taking the project “on the shelves.” In general, a technology that involves virtual reality is still taking its first steps.

Although we have several devices available that offer an innovative experience, the  VR headsets continue to appear quite large and connected through long cables. Certainly, Microsoft intends to wait until it is financially feasible to add wireless support to its virtual reality accessory.

In addition, we have not yet seen any of the big names in video games creating versions with virtual reality support of the most popular titles. Not even the development of games dedicated exclusively to this platform.

In the case of Microsoft, the fact that it was not able to attract the companies enough to begin the development of this type of games for Xbox One, could have turned out to be a key fact in the decision.

Instead of risking a new technology, we do not know for sure if it would have the necessary membership. Microsoft has chosen to follow another path. Over the last few weeks we have seen the company betting heavily on offering unique games. What’s more, their new subscription services clearly come with the aim of “stealing” users from the PlayStation rival.


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