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Microsoft Edge Vs. Google Chrome – New video highlights the best on PC

Microsoft Edge Vs. Google Chrome - New video highlights the best on PC

Microsoft Edge is more of a browser than anyone can use when browsing the Internet in Windows 10. However, it’s Google Chrome which roughly 60% of users prefer.

That way, the company of Redmond tries several months, to fight the favoritism of Google Chrome against Microsoft Edge. Consequently, and as previously exemplified, the American giant promoted a video showing how the use of Edge, Chrome, and Firefox can result in entirely different autonomies.

That is, on the same device, using the same settings, Firefox is the one that drives the terminal to the end of the battery first. Contrary to what happened a few months ago, where Chrome was the worst of all, this time came in second place.

First, as it is easy to imagine, Microsoft Edge was located, with an autonomy superior to the one of the browser of Google in 19%. That is, the trend is constant and repetitive, as the replacement of the old Internet Explorer turns out to be the least spender, regarding battery of course.

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And in fact, even on a daily basis, it can be said that Edge performs better in Windows 10 battery management. On the other hand, and even if Chrome has all the necessary functionality for Internet browsing, Microsoft Edge also behaves very well.

In terms of autonomy, there is no way Google Chrome is better than Microsoft Edge for Windows 10!

In conclusion, you see the video at the end of the article, which demonstrates how much time you would gain using Edge instead of the remaining browsers.Plus, with Edge, without the addition of extensions, lets you perform tasks that can not be found in  Google’s browser. So, even if today is used, according to the current data, for less than one in twenty people, does not mean that it will be so from now on.



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