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Microsoft Edge reaches five million installations on Android

Microsoft Edge reaches five million installations on Android

The Android version of Microsoft’s Edge browser has surpassed five million installations, according to the Google Play Store listing, which was updated earlier this week.

Since the application comes preinstalled only on an extremely small number of devices, such as the custom versions of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus from Samsung, the vast majority of the facilities referred to by the Google Play Store are equivalent to manual downloads, which even more important. We remember that this browser was only officially launched about half a year ago, although a Developer Preview version has been available to users since mid-October.

The Android application has thus accrued about four million downloads since the beginning of December, which puts its installation base on one million devices.

It should be noted that Microsoft has maintained a regular flow of updates on the Edge, despite relatively weak efforts in promoting this app. The latest version of the Microsoft Edge for Android came online a few days ago and marks the integration of Adblock Plus that allows users to prevent most online advertising from appearing in the browser, as well as introducing a visual artificial intelligence-assisted search engine similar to Google Lens.

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Incidentally, Edge is likely to continue to receive IA-based functionality as machine learning and related technologies become increasingly evolved and part of Microsoft’s long-term business strategy both in terms of research and development efforts such as mergers and acquisitions.

The new Android version of Microsoft Edge also now supports Intune accounts, the ability to add bookmarks to e-books and change text spacing. Also noteworthy are improvements in performance and bug fixes.

Looking at the installation fee, Microsoft Edge remains a very valid alternative to Google Chrome which is currently the most popular option in the Android ecosystem and beyond.



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