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Microsoft CEO asks US to create its own data protection law

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In an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, praised GDPR (which regulates data protection in Europe) and said the United States should follow suit and do the same – that is , create a law that regulates the collection and use of data from users of online services throughout the national territory).

“My point of view about GDPR is that it’s a fantastic start to really treating privacy as a human right. I hope the United States has something in the same vein,” said the CEO. Nadella is not alone in this line of thinking, and Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, recently gave an interview to Time magazine that also asked the US to control the data collected by Internet companies, helping consumers preserve their privacy, or at least having more means to control what companies may or may not collect from them.

Also taking part in the Forum is Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, who described the year 2018 as “a watershed” for the technology industry, emphasizing that new US data privacy laws are inevitable. Still, Nadella went further, saying that data regulation should be a global issue, not just limited to countries and groups of countries (as in the case of Europe)

“In fact, I hope that all of us in the world will look at a common pattern. I hope that we will all unite, the United States and Europe first, and China, all three regions will have to unite and establish a global standard “said the CEO of Microsoft. It is worth remembering that, here in Brazil, we already have the General Law of Data Protection, inspired by the European regulation, approved in July last year .


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