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Mijia Product Launch: Mi Laser Projector & Ninebot Plus Unveiled!

Mi Laser Projector & Ninebot Plus Unveiled!

Here comes an exciting news!! Mijia launch event was held in Beijing on 28th June!

Xiaomi offers a wide range of products besides smartphones. Mijia brand was announced last year as a new branding for Mi Ecosystem Products. Mijia Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker, Mijia Blood Pressure Monitor, Mijia Robot Vacuum to name a few. The logo of Mijia looks like a shield. Yes, Mi Products are as reliable as a shield.

? Xiaomi also launched an ultrasonic toothbrush at RMB 199. And here’s a summary of the products that were launched in today’s launch event!
? Here are the products of tomorrow’s world, launched today by Xiaomi.
Mi Laser Projector
This is a breakthrough for Xiaomi as they are first lauch the world’s first cinema level laser projection TV!
And guess how much this beautiful product will cost? Mi Laser Projector will only cost RMB 9999 in China! (1470$)

In the market, a typical laser projector comes with a heavy price tag of RMB100,000. Looks like it’s not so affordable for the masses…
Mi TV is built into the Laser Projector – By connecting to the Wi-fi, you will be able to view the latest movies and TV episodes at home. You don’t need to head to the cinema to watch your favourite movies anymore. You will be impressed with the voice recognition function for Mi Laser Projector. 
I want to give a heartwarming thank you to the Mi TV team for providing the technology to the new device! The Mi Laser Projector features 4 high-power in the built speaker that provides maximum frequency.
? Some of the audience may wonder: Since laser provides high brightness for screen projection, will this cause eyestrain if you view the screen for a prolonged period of time?
Mi Laser Projector provided a 5000 lumens source brightness for maximum visual pleasure.
Here’s a comparison of the colour difference between Mi Laser Projector and traditional projector. Mi Laser Projector provides more vibrancy in the colours and a greater contrast between each colour tone.

If you are considering the sharpness of the projections, Mi Laser Projector has the latest technology – the Advanced Laser Phosphor Display – for high colour accuracy and high contrast.
Mi Laser Projector incorporated APPTRONICS and Texas Instruments’ technology to provide the light source optoelectronic technology and DLP imaging chip. These partnerships are meant for the sole purpose to improve the visual quality of their product.
90% of the nation’s laser studios use light peak optoelectronics, the same technology used in Mi Laser Projector

Mi Laser Projector provides up to 25,000 laser life. That is pretty long for an electronic product! To be exact, it is two hours a day for 34 years. Xiaomi definitely placed a large amount of effort in lengthening the durability of the product this time.


Here’s a comparison to the 42″ and 70″ Mi TV launched. 150″ provides a huge screen cinematic experience and a greater viewing pleasure for your shows and movies.

Mi Laser Project’s outer appearance is manufactured by Yorkey, a famous Optical Technology company.


Mi Laser Projector can project out to a 150″ huge screen!


Look out for the second item that Xiaomi is releasing today! Featuring Mi Laser Projector – The world’s first truly cinema-level laser projection.


Ninebot Plus



?Ninebot Plus is available in China for RMB3,499. What an offer for the sheer amount of features that Ninebot Plus can provide.



?If you’d like to store the Mi Ninebot Plus camera when you’re not using, just strap it on the Ninebot Plus.



? Photographers out there, look out for this new product! Xiaomi introduced Mi Ninebot Plus Camera today. It features 3-axis OIS, 1080p Full HD, 104 degrees wide angle and allows you to video real time. It fits perfectly on top of your Ninebot Plus



? Now, you can do your groceries on your Ninebot Plus (Or use it to walk your dog).



? Ninebot Plus comes with a remote that enables you to control your transportation device! Explore the endless possibilities of the things you can do with Ninebot Plus.



? Ninebot Plus comes with a remote that enables you to control your transportation device! Explore the endless possibilities of the things you can do with Ninebot Plus.



? Compared to Ninebot Plus has greater stability, is able to climb over obstacles such as bumps easier, and it is easier to hop on and get used to the controls.



? Ninebot Plus integrated machine learning into the system. Based on the initial usage, Ninebot Plus comes with the standard settings in terms of speed, balance, agility, recovery, and braking. However, with extended usage from the user, the metrics will be adjusted accordingly to best suit the user.



? Here are the new features and the upgrades for Ninebot Plus. Many of these are feedbacks gathered from Mi Fans on Mi Community. As long as they are requests from Mi Fans, Xiaomi will do thier best to fulfil them!



? The front light incorporated the signal colours. Now, the lights will change colours according to the direction you head towards. Tilt right and the right signal light will switch on!



? Amazing! Xiaomi announced that today, we will be launching Ninebot Plus. Here are some of the snapshots of our latest Ninebot.


? Xiaomi is building into the future with the amazing products in its portfolio.



? Ninebot – creating great convenience for people to get from places to places. You can use the Ninebot indoors too.







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