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Metal Gear Survive players will not be distracted by love

The first buyers of Metal Gear Survive found in the license agreement very interesting points. The announcement of the shooter Metal Gear Survive was received by the public with a fair amount of scepticism. In 2015, Hideo Kojima, who was developing the previous parts of the line, left Konami, so many worried about how successful the continuation of the series would be without her main ideological mastermind. Now, after the release of the novelty, it turned out that it was not necessary to worry about this at all.

In one of the scenes of the original Metal Gear Solid, Otacon asks Solid Snake if he believes in love on the battlefield. Well, the creators of Survive made it clear that this happens only in fairy tales. The attention of gamers attracted one of the points of the license agreement, from which it is forbidden in the game to ” search for relationships with another user and any actions that Konami can regard as leading to the emergence of relations“. This obviously will keep from buying those who planned to use Metal Gear Survive as Tinder. In addition, the EULA prohibits the conduct of political campaigns. According to experts, similar lines could be found in the contract for the use of online segments Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It seems that over the years the Japanese firm has not changed its outlook on life.

Interestingly, the interaction between players is one of the key elements of the gameplay of the shooter, whose cruel world requires from the fighters with zombies concerted joint actions. Can I get Metal Gear Survive alone without breaking the rules? Since February 23, anyone willing to try their hand – if you have a PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

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  4. Perfect games are being launched this year and last year ending, but I have not gotten my hands on any.. So bad, who will afford me this latest Metal Gear? Its a good game.

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