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MEO, Vodafone, NOS or NOWO? This is the operator with the best network and mobile internet

Last week we asked our readers from all operators, which was the best for internet and mobile networks. MEO, NOS, Vodafone or NOWO were on the line and you had no issues to vote for.

The battle is fierce between the operators and these polls are an example of that. If last year Vodafone was gaining a clear distance from competitors, this year things are different.

MEO, Vodafone, NOS or NOWO, this is the best operator for the internet and mobile network

Sondagem MEO, NOS, Vodafone e NOWO

With a total of 3818 votes, we can say that this poll has what it needs to be diverse. It is still surprising to see MEO winning almost with an absolute majority.

Vodafone comes back with 35% of votes and NOS remains at the same levels as 16%. Finally, NOWO is at 2%. Since the company is considerably smaller than its competitors, it is good to know that there are more than 100 users who still want to show their satisfaction with the operator in this poll.

Total votes in the poll:

MEO 1744 Wishes
Vodafone 1293 Wishes
WE 676 Wishes
NOWO 105 Wishes
Total 3818 Wishes

Still, this survey is worth what it is worth. The most important thing is that you are satisfied with your mobile operator. MEO does not always have the best network in certain locations. Therefore, it may not be the best operator for you.

Vodafone, MEO, NOS e NOWO, operadoras de internet móvel qual a melhor

Still, it is good to see operators improving their service with each passing day. I just feel the desire to see prices go down a little bit more. At least to combat all the other services we see in Europe. The values ​​in Portugal are simply too expensive for the average Portuguese salary.

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