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MEO, Vodafone and NOS confirm that they will not use Huawei equipment in their 5G networks

The ban that the US imposed on Huawei has had repercussions all over the world, whether in the smartphone business or in 5G networks. After several countries have already refused to use Chinese Device, they are now the main national operators to take a similar position.

MEO, Vodafone and NOS recently confirmed to Reuters that they will not use Huawei technology in core of your 5G networks. This means that none of them will use servers, routers or gateways developed by the Chinese giant.

Speaking to Reuters, a NOS spokesman stresses that the operator will not use Huawei Device at the core of its 5G networks. Consequently, she is looking for the best partners to meet her needs in this field.


Vodafone Portugal, on the other hand, acted in accordance with what other branches of the operator have already decided. It is worth remembering that the British subsidiary of the operated company has already announced, a long time ago, that it would not use Huawei network Device in the core of its 5G networks.

Portuguese government had no influence on this decision

Faced with this news, the minister of infrastructure, Pedro Nuno Santos, told Reuters that the government has nothing to do with the position of the main national operators. He stresses that “there are no problems a priori” on the part of the government towards any manufacturer.

Pedro Nuno Santos adds that the Portuguese government is aligned with the European position regarding the situation involving Huawei and its influence on 5G networks. In addition, the minister adds that a working group created by the government concluded that there are no problems with any supplier, in particular, for 5G networks.

Spying problems are in the pipeline origin of the problem

It is never too much to remember that it all started with the American fear that Huawei was providing data from its users to the Chinese government. A practice that Chinese technology quickly came to disprove.

The US has redoubled efforts to convince its allies to take a similar position. As already mentioned, Portugal did not take a position against Huawei, but the effects of the American decision are already beginning to be felt in national territory.

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