Home NEWS Meizu Zero: A smartphone with no physical button, port or Sim slot

Meizu Zero: A smartphone with no physical button, port or Sim slot

Meizu Zero A smartphone with no physical button, port or Sim slot

Meizu has been silent for the last few months. They may not be on the top of smartphone rating, but the brand without a doubt knows about innovation. They also know when to introduce new things. In the smartphone industry, it all depends on the ideal time. For the perfect timing, we want to say that you need to be ahead of everyone else. Meizu here recently launched Meizu Zero. It is an ideal phone because of its design without seams, without holes or buttons.

The world of smartphones is once again in transformation, and 2019 promises to be a year full of news! While most manufacturers are working on the development of smartphones that offer a full-screen  FullView.  Or even a foldable smartphone, Meizu has other plans.

The Chinese manufacturer has been kept out of the “mess” over the past few months. But, now came up with surprising everything and everyone by presenting the first smartphone that does not feature any button or ‘hole’.

Meizu Zero A smartphone with no physical button

Meizu Zero is the first smartphone without any kind of physical button, or ‘port’!

With regard to its construction, the Meizu Zero has a unibody ceramic body. This smartphone takes the unibody concept to the limit, not presenting any type of hole in its entire structure. That is, you will not find charging input, SIM card tray, audio input and even the speaker grids are missing.

In terms of hardware, we certainly would like to see a slight difference. The Meizu Zero comes equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. When the presence of the already popular SD855 would make it so much more interesting.

Its 5.99 “AMOLED screen arrives with an integrated biometric sensor and has almost no side edges. The only way to interact, apart from the screen, is through a ‘virtual’ button on the side of the smartphone.


Just as you may have guessed, if you do not have any input for charging, you will only have wireless charging at your disposal. MCharge technology enables fast loading support, which is certainly a nice bonus.

Finally, we still do not know what your market price will be. However, it will not be difficult to imagine that a smartphone so innovative, will eventually come accompanied by a fairly high price.



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