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Meizu M6S arrives in January with Android Oreo 8.0

Meizu M6S
This image does not portray the M6S, just the video, at the end of the article does it with all justice

We are approaching the end of 2017, and almost all brands are already preparing their launches for the new year 2018. With a new operating system. With a new Design Android Oreo 8.0 and the 18: 9 screen format and with new weapons for the new year. Now, this Meizu M6S has just been revealed in a short video.

Meizu is one of the countless Chinese builders who is slowly expanding beyond the borders of their country. In fact, even in Nigeria, we will have some fans or users of this brand. To all of them, a new smartphone will arrive soon. It’s called Meizu M6S, and its look is extremely stylish. Android Oreo 8.0 will be another of its assets.

The device itself will have midrange features at a price that fits your spec list. However, its screen practically without side margins or with minimal bezels leaves us very captivated by its appearance. Here, above all else, will be this  18: 9 display to attract consumers. That of course, its metallic construction with little premium details.

Meizu M6S will arrive in January already with Android Oreo 8.0

We also have the presence of the mblu brand on its back, and this indicates to us that it is, in fact, a smartphone produced by this brand. In fact, it will be under this brand mblu that the smartphones of this company will reach more markets than the Chinese.At the bottom of the page, we can find a video of an apparent hands-on of this terminal. It is impossible not to notice its elegant appearance with very small margins.

The developer will be planning the launch of this and new products in European markets and for this will bet on this branding with the word mblu. It will be your brand outside of China. The look of your product can be gauged in the small video present at the end of the article.

We will be attentive to any developments around this brand and product.



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