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Meizu 16 exhausted in seconds on first sale in China

Today, the main Meizu smartphone of the year – the Meizu 16 went on sale in China. However, in seconds, all smartphone units sold out quickly.

Now the company has announced that it will keep reservations open for the smartphone and expect to ship them in 4 to 8 weeks. In its forum, the company also stated that it is actively working to prepare actions for Meizu 16.

The phone is also available for purchase in off-line stores, where users lined up to buy this Meizu main device.

But what distinguishes these devices?

Right from the start the Meizu 16 and the Meizu 16 Plus are both smartphones without a monocle.

Symmetry has always been part of the Meizu devices, and despite the challenges associated with smartphones 2018, the company managed to maintain a symmetrical design in the new Meizu 16 series. However, this device does not have a camera pop-up. Does this mean that the Meizu 16 has a thick upper frame?

Not really! Meizu explained that he had to spend millions of dollars to re-customize how the components are placed in the frame and thus achieve a finer upper frame. Although not as thin as the almost non-existent frame of Vivo Nex, the company managed to bring the screen-to-body ratio up to 91.18%.

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The body is made of glass and the back cover comes with a 7 layer coating process that creates a texture very close to the pottery. There are two colors available, White and Black and with the polished glass finish, the particular black variant turns out to be quite reflective, similar to the OnePlus 6 Mirror Black edition.

Meizu’s obsession with refined design also translates into a sleeker and sleeker smartphone! Then Meizu is officially marketing the Meizu 16 as the thinnest smartphone with integrated fingerprint on the world screen! The Meizu 16 is only 7.3 mm thick, much thinner than the OPPO Find X, which has 9.3 mm.

The weight is another area where the Meizu 16 stands out as its 152 grams! In comparison, Vivo Nex weighs 199 grams, the Find X weighs 186 grams and even the OnePlus 6 weighs 177 grams.

Meizu 16: Specifications

If in the design the Meizu 16 impresses, in the field of specifications is also not behind. The 16 series comes with the powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset. In practice it is 1.53 times faster than its predecessor, the Meizu 15 Plus.

The initial memory capacity of this device is 6 GB of RAM and goes up to 8 GB of RAM for the more advanced models. The top-end model comes with 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 256 GB of UFS 2.1 storage.

Meizu 16 two device


The Meizu 16 comes with a FHD + Super AMOLED 6-inch screen. Your older brother will have a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with the same resolution. In comparison, the 16 has a 3010mAh battery while the 16 Plus has an internal battery of 3640mAh.

Meizu 16 Battery


Both models feature an integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen and after months of optimization, the recognition speed is 0.25 seconds and the success rate is up to 99.12%. Although a fingerprint sensor on the screen may not be as fast or accurate as a traditional optical sensor, it is really good news to see more companies opting for this new technology, which will further accelerate their optimization and of course the maturation.

Another highlight of  the Meizu 16 series is the new cooling system that uses copper pipes with liquid cooling inside. This will ensure that the phone stays cool even in the heaviest game scenarios. That is, the Snapdragon 845 processor will be able to be stretched to the maximum.

Other features account for MIMO Wi-Fi 2 × 2 dual band connectivity and MIMO 4 × 4 LTE, Bluetooth 5.0. Also notable is the aptX support from Qualcomm and Sony LDAC for the ultimate wireless music experience.

Meizu 16 Camera

The Meizu 16 series features a  large 20MP sensor  on the front with ArcSoft’s beauty algorithms. Also stands out bokeh mode.

Meizu 16 Photo

The configuration of the dual rear camera is the same as the  Meizu 15 Plus. Thus, we have access to a 12MP IMX 380 sensor paired with an IMX350 20MP sensor. Additional features include four OIS axes and shutter speed of 1/4 s. This setting should ensure high quality photos of the phone. In addition, like all other flagship phones of 2018, Meizu 16 also relies on artificial intelligence to enhance photography. Your phone has an automatic HDR mode and scene recognition.

Meizu 16 Software

The new Meizu 16 series comes with the latest Flyme 7 interface based on Android 8.1 Oreo. However, this manufacturer has added OneMind artificial intelligence technology for preloading applications and promises to improve startup speeds by up to 36%. The phone also features Meizu’s SuperSwipe technology that improves user interface performance by up to 67% by optimizing multi-core CPU algorithms.

Meizu 16 Price

The Meizu 16 is available in three variants and its prices are as follows:

6 + 64 GB: about 390 Euros

6 + 128 GB: about 430 Euros

8 + 128 GB: about 483 Euros

The variants of Meizu 16 Plus and their prices are as follows:

6 + 128 GB: about 468 Euros

8 + 128 GB: about 512 Euros

8 + 256 GB: about 586 Euros

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