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Meet the free rewards of the first season of Apex Legends

Apex Legends continues to be one of today’s “feel” games, continuing to feature many millions of active players every day. After a long wait, Battle Royale fans were finally able to welcome the first season (March 19).

As in the other games that implemented this type of structure. Also, the Apex Legends Battle Pass costs € 9.99, for players who want to have access to all 100 items that can be won over the first season. However, there are some free items reserved for those who do not want to spend their money on Apex Legends.

During the three months of this first season, you will be able to win 5 Apex Packs (level 2, 12, 24, 34 and 46) for free and a rare skin for Octane ( Messenger)  at level 48. In addition, you can win 18 Wild Frontier Trackers. That will help you keep track of your victories and damage dealt with the various characters.

The first season of Apex Legends has several surprises even for those who do not spend money

It’s important to note that to succeed at Apex Legends you do not need to buy the Battle Pass because all the items you can win are purely cosmetic. If you do not care about the look of your characters and the weapons they carry, it will not make sense to invest your money.

On the other hand, if you simply do not like spending money on these free games, you may still be able to receive some rewards just by playing the game.

If you are not sure how much time you will have to play during this first season, do not go running to buy the Battle Pass. Play as much as you can as the experience continues to be counted even if you do not have the Battle Pass. Any time you are satisfied with your level, you can finally buy the Battle Pass. You will see that all rewards will be unlocked!

However, if you’re dying to try out the new Octane character, you’ll even want to buy the Battle Pass. You can get the Octane separately. But for the Apex Coins you’re going to spend, it makes a lot more worth to buy the Battle Pass. There is no doubt that with the arrival of the first season, we will finally be able to know if Apex Legends will be able to earn as much as the Fortnite.

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