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Medium Platform is being used to deliver pirated content

Medium is a site that combines various sources to bring all kinds of news and articles to its users. However, according to TorrentFreak, the site is being used to provide pirated links to recent movies in the cinema.

Individuals are using the site to spread and distribute copies of movies like Joker and Terminator: Dark Fate. Links to illegal downloads are written to produce the best results on Google and have a high percentage of visibility.

Although Medium has explicit anti-piracy policies, the site has yet to do much about the situation. The image above shows you a Google search full of Joker movie results, indicating that Medium has not yet been able to remove links and may appear more.

Pirated content on Medium is not new

In fact, Medium has made several requests for removal of illegal content from Google over the years. Pirates have already tried to use the platform to distribute Fox-owned content as episodes of Family Guy. On a musical level, Medium already had a lot of content from record label Nuclear Blast Records.

While not directly Medium’s fault, these types of situations will hurt your site’s rankings and your position on Google search. Google’s automated systems will likely penalize Medium by removing your search results even when harmless.

Ironically, Google does not do the same with Facebook, which is also used to distribute illegal content. As the most widely used social network in the world, Google does not give Facebook priority when it comes to searches, even if they lead users to illegal files.

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