Home Apple Maxell opens suit against Apple accusing it of patent infringement

Maxell opens suit against Apple accusing it of patent infringement

Maxell opens suit against Apple accusing it of patent infringement

Apple may have suffered another defeat in its legal battle with Qualcomm, but that does not mean the company is free of its obligations to the court. The maker of electronic and magnetic storage devices, Maxell has also tapped the Cupertino Apple in US court, claiming several patents related to wireless communication, camera design, navigation systems, and even notification sounds and alerts.

Apple has not yet commented – and according to its corporate policy, it should not comment – but Maxell demands in his lawsuit a jury trial, financial compensation and, finally, temporary bans (to process) and definitive (valid from a possible victory over Apple) trading various devices of the company – mostly iPhones and iPads.

See below for a list of the cited patents:

Patent number Related Technology
6,748,317, 6,580,999, and 6,430,498 hiking, specifically citing applications such as “Find My Friends” and pedestrian routes such as rapists
8,339,493 camera design (without further details)
7,116,438 wireless communications and file transfer via AirDrop
6,408,193 cellular technology (without further details)
6,928,306 alert sounds and notifications
6,329,794 control of energy consumption
10,212,586 unlock one device through another
10,084,991 Facetime and iTunes video properties


While the cited patents involve a number of models, according to the process documentation (below), Maxell repeatedly cites the iPhone XS as a device that systematically violates one or more of the listed patents: “At least June 2013, Apple is aware of Maxell patents and had numerous meetings and interactions that dealt with their infringement, “the suit says.

“These meetings included representatives of Apple having provided detailed information on Maxell’s patents, the technology developed from them, and Apple’s continued use of them. Through this process, Apple representatives asked for and received detailed explanations of what Maxell claims. Maxell believed that both parties could come up with a mutually beneficial solution and to this end considered potential business transactions and continued to respond to multiple inquiries from Apple over several years, including communications as recent as the year 2018 ” .

This seems to be another case where Apple should suggest an agreement to be signed outside the courts. However, her latest defeat in the US court, where she was ordered to pay $ 31 million in damages to Qualcomm for the same reason, show that the Cupertino giant is not immune to legislation. And Maxell is not quite a startup, having considerable size and market influence in the industries in which he operates.


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