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Marvel’s Iron Man VR: new teaser highlights title immersion

NewsTeaser of 30 seconds shows the how immersive it is to be in the shoes of Iron Man


Marvel’s Iron Man VR promises to be one of the great PlayStation VR titles and Sony wants to show that. The Japanese company released a teaser of the new game highlighting the immersion of the experience of living in the shoes of Tony Stark.

The video for 30 seconds shows the hero in a frantic battle against an enemy. Iron Man shoots several lasers at the opponent, as is characteristic of him. Then, the player who controlled it removes the virtual reality device and comes across his destroyed room.

If you have any doubts whether it is worth investing in the hero’s adventure, there is a free demo of the title on the PS Store. There is the possibility to try out some missions and train Iron Man’s shooting and flying skills. Whoever downloads the content will win the Custom Volcanic Armor for the full game.

See the official description of Marvel’s Iron Man VR:

Tony Stark retired from making weapons and instead created the technology used to fight evil as Iron Man. After several years as a world-famous superhero, Tony is attacked by the mysterious Ghost, a hacker and anti-corporate activist who reuses old weapons from the Stark Industries. In his efforts to overthrow his empire, Ghost attacks Stark companies around the world, leading to ever-increasing bets and a final confrontation.

What’s up, dear reader? Looking forward to Marvel’s Iron Man VR? Tell us in the comments!

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