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Marshall introduced a new line of wireless speakers

Marshall introduced a new line of wireless speakers

Marshall showed a new line of speakers, which included three models at once: Acton II, Stanmore II and Woburn II. All speakers received Class D amplifiers, built-in bass-reflex, individually tuned speakers, upgraded DSP to ensure optimal sound quality without distortion even at maximum volume and Bluetooth 5.0 with an increased range of up to 10 meters.

White Marshall wireless speakers


All three systems support the simultaneous connection of two devices with the ability to switch between them. You can personalize the sound and control playback through the Marshall Bluetooth mobile app. The program allows you to select the optimal preset equalizer, switch between stereo or surround sound, as well as adjust the intensity of the LED indicators on the top panel.


Acton II Bluetooth is the most compact speaker in the new line. It is equipped with three special class D amplifiers, thanks to which dual twitter and subwoofer provide high power sound. Even with such modest dimensions, it is enough to fill the room with a balanced sound.

Black Marshall wireless speakers

The Stanmore II Bluetooth is a versatile model that is suitable for both large and small premises. Thanks to the use of dual class D amplifiers with a power of 15 W for high-frequency speakers, as well as a Class D amplifier with a power of 50 W for a subwoofer, the speaker provides high-quality sound without distortion over the entire frequency range.

Model Woburn II – the largest speaker system brand. It boasts clean highs, powerful bass and realistic midrange. It uses class D amplifiers with a total power of 110 W for two speakers and dual subwoofers with a diameter of 5.25 inches.

The price of new products is not reported.


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