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macOS Mojave official: Everything you need to know!

After the news that was presented yesterday June 4, 2018 by Apple at WWDC, the stage belonged to the latest operating system for Apple computers, that is, the macOS that comes with the codename Mojave.

The first big news of the macOS Mojave is the new dark mode, which for now stays out of iOS.

Mojave macOS Dark Mode
Mojave macOS Dark Mode

In addition to the dark mode, the macOS Mojave comes with a new feature called  Desktop StacksIn practice it is almost the same thing that happened with the discharges that are in the dock, but with some news. So all the contents of a user can be stored in a stack, or if they prefer, in a stack, which can be organized into categories.

macOS Desktop Stacks
macOS Desktop Stacks

For example, you might have a stack called images that contains all the images you have on your desktop. One of the advantages that separates the batteries from a traditional folder is that we can quickly get a preview of all the files.

macOS Gallery View
macOS Gallery View

Meanwhile, MacOS Mojave also added a new view to the Finder, called Gallery View. In this way, it is now simpler to preview the content of movies, images, presentations, documents, PDFs and more. Gallery view also includes an area where users can apply the most common actions in a particular file.

take screenshots
macOS take screenshots

One of the very common features of macOS has always been the ease with which it is possible to take screenshots. Now this feature has been improved on the new version of Apple’s operating system for computers. So now you can edit the screenshots we take faster and more efficiently. It is also worth highlighting the possibility of capturing video from a selected page, which can be useful if we want to capture, for example, animations.

However, the Mojave macOS also adds new continuity features. So users can easily access a photo that is on iOS in a macOS document.

However the applications also deserved prominence and Craig Federighi announced that the application of news and not only will reach this operating system.

macOS security updates
macOS security updates


The macOS Mojave also comes with some interesting security updates. Specifically, the next generation of macOS better controls what data the applications that are installed on the operating system access. Safari is also safer and will be harder to be followed by advertising companies.

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The Mac App Store has been completely redesigned for easy access to editorial suggestions along with a list of best-selling apps in a variety of categories. The user can easily explore various categories while also accessing videos that reveal how the applications work.

Office 365, Lightroom CC, and BBEdit are just a few of the apps that are coming to the Apple store soon.

However, Apple took advantage of the event to answer a question that occasionally comes up: are you thinking about merging iOS with macOS? The answer was short and direct: No!

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