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Looking forward to the Xiaomi Mi A4? Then we have bad news for you!

If you are one of those who was uneasy due to the lack of news regarding the Xiaomi Mi A4, then you must already be waiting for what has been confirmed today. Xiaomi has officially announced that it has given up on the Android One initiative.

The immediate consequence of this decision by the Chinese company is that the Xiaomi Mi A4 will not be launched. That is, from now on, we will only see Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI.

Mi A line was perfect for lovers of pure Android

people around the world who don’t identify with the customizations that exist for Android, namely MIUI. For these, Xiaomi’s Mi A line was one of the best options, as it offered pure Android at an affordable price.

Mi A3

For reasons that are unknown, this is no longer in the plan of Chinese technology. We will probably never know what motivated this decision, but the recent problems with the distribution of updates on the Mi A3 may help explain the decision.

With Xiaomi’s withdrawal from this program, there are more and more less the options for those looking for a smartphone with an interface very similar to that of a Pixel. Motorola is also starting to distance itself a little from Android One, leaving only Nokia with an official bet on the Google program.

It is a pity that Xiaomi has abdicated this program. The quality of their Device, combined with simple software and with the promise of timely updates made these models one of the best bets on the mid-range market.

Unfortunately, the updates were not as fast as before , not to mention the constant problems. With Xiaomi increasingly improving its internal update policy, it seems that there is no longer room for Android One.

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