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Updated LolliFox Custom Rom For Innjoo Fire

Updated LolliFox Custom Rom For Innjoo Fire

If you are among those Innjoo Fire users waiting for the arrival of Android 5.1 LolliFox custom Rom on your Innjoo Fire, then here is good news.You can now rejoice as we have the latest LolliFox Custom Rom For Innjoo Fire based on Android 5.1 Custom ROM for you to flash.

LolliFox Custom Rom features the Android 5.1 Lollifox custom Rom for Innjoo Fire. The Android 7.0 Nougat is latest, and its predecessor is Android 8.0 OS. The Official Nougat Firmware comes with the various Bug fixes, Security patches, and improve the overall stability.

The Lollifox custom Rom for Innjoo Fire comes with Android 5.1. This ROM comes with lots of new capabilities. Lollifox custom Rom is a lightweight ROM centered on gaming and performance. Quick more than other inventory UI, steady performance. This is a custom ROM flash via TWRP recovery.

So, if you own a Innjoo Fire, you can install the latest Rom for your device, which comes with Resurrection Remix v5.8.4 is based on Android 7.1.2. The update often aims at increasing system stability and performance as well as adding new features.

The Rom is Light, Smooth and Fast Better Than Stock ROM.
I take no responsibility for any damage to your device
Note: Backup your IMEI Number With Mobile Uncle You Might Lose It.



 -The lightest

-Super Smooth, Smoother than Stock ROM
-Awesome RAM Management
-Pure Lollipop UI
-Fully Deodexed
-Holo UI
-Full Lollipop Features
Ram Optimization level is quite high
Super Smooth
Better gaming performance & Much More, Fully Bug less..    

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TWRP Installation:
  • Download the twrp img from Here
  • Download & Install mobile uncle tools.
    Download Here
  • Rename downloaded twrp img to “recovery.img”
    and place in the root of your SD card
  • Open mobile uncle and click on recovery update, it will
    scan ur SD, the first result would be recovery.img click on it and
  • When prompted to boot into recovery press yes and phone
    would boot to TWRP where u can backup your phone

-Installation instructions—

You Must have a Rooted Phone and Cwm Recovery Installed in your phone

Boot to  Recovery Mode (Power Off your Phone and then Press Power Button + Volume Up Button until The Recovery)

Now You Can Backup your Stock Rom VERY IMPORTANT

Now Follow This steps for flashing Rom

  • Wipe data/factory Reset
  • Wipe cache Partition
  • Mount & Storage/ Format System
  • Advance/ Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Now Go Back
  • Install Zip
  • Choose LolliFox Rom For Innjoo Fire Zip From SD Card
  • Now Select your Custom ROM which You want to Flash
  • Then Wait Until the Installation Finished
  • Then Reboot Your Phone


Emmanuel Akor 
LolliFox Custom Rom For Innjoo Fire
Lollifox egg 

Flash This Updated fix to fix home/back bug
HOme Key Patch  Updated
Flash Home Key Patch 


  1. bros my phone is not working fine again …the thing kip pressing by its self ..please that y i need the rom like anything ,and am tryin to use pdanet to install my but he no gree …..the thing always stay at installing pdanet to your phone…

    please help i need my injoo fire back

    • let me try may best to give you suggest to solve your phone problem
      1. your phone charger can cause your phone to be pressing any button try check f they phone misbehave when u r are not charging it
      2. The screen touch of your phone might be having problem and need to fix
      3. try formatting your phone or flash Innjoo Fire Stock Rom back again or Flash the this Innjoo Fire Custom Rom to fix

  2. phone never reach one month….. Pls solve errors in popkat section abeg.thanks and God bless for helping….. Am a blogger too thou

    • Hi yeah I just flashed the ROM and home key bug fix and it doesn't seem to work, also the system.ui has stopped error keeps popping up continuously and I cannot do anything. Please any help would be appreciated

    • Were you able to contact him, or ask him how he fixed it, anyway maybe I can be able to contact him but what is he's WhatsApp number? Also I am having a problem maybe you can help me and this is with my Wi-Fi on stock rom on innjoo fire. I cant seem to connect to any network for more than 2 minutes, I have tried everything, Also in status my IP address seems to be unavailable so am guessing I may have messed up my EFS folder, because I also messed up my IMEI but managed to fix it, I have a backup of my ROM before I started installing custom ROMs so please help

    • Yes I did try and restore my original backup which I safely had on my computer but no luck. I would greatly appreciate please if you made a backup for me which does have the efs folder. Also could you try with the new stock ROM that innjoo made to fix the battery issue:https://www.dropbox.com/s/zt4r6xl1wyqnhnl/Fire-Android4.4-InnJoo-20150708-V1(Battery).zip?dl=0.
      Am running it now and they did seem to fix it which is awesome but it didn't help the WiFi problem. Also you can't flash it with TWRP but instead with flash tools.
      Thanks again!

    • No no it wasn't working before that. I just recently flashed the ROM thinking it might fix the problem and I did I clean install like I completely formatted the phone with flash tools and then installed the ROM but still for some reason it's having problems. I mean when I go to the WIFI it shows available networks i can connect to but when i put in password and connect it then says not in range. And sometimes it will work but I have to be really close to my router. So I got no Ip address and didnt backup my efs foler.

    • Their is none, only flashable ROMS which I did but it didnt restore my /efs folder. I only need a copy of efs folder please and you can delete the IMEI first and then send it to me because I dont have mine and its messed up my WIFI and bluetooth.

    • Dude please I am on the verge of buying a new phone pretty soon because of this problem.
      If you are not able to find the efs folder on your innjoo please try and take a look at this link:http://www.tothemobile.com/why-and-how-to-backup-restore-efs-imei-folder-on-android-devices
      So that you can move it from your phone to your desktop and onto google drive or dropbox or any file sharer you use.
      Please your really the only person who can help me as I do not have anyone I know who owns an Innjoo fire.

  3. @Akor I am also having similar issue as jide. So, can I install this ROM and still have my document intact?also must I root my phone in order to installl lollifox-custom-rom-for-innjoo-fire?

  4. guyz ..i did the most stupid thing i didnt backup and also didnt put the rom file in sd card and i wiped dalvik cache and now i cant open the my phone…and now my phone doesnt mount sd card….what to do..plz help..

  5. Hi guys
    The mobile uncle link is down due to traffic it seems. could someone kindly point me in the direction of one that i can use or is any version fine etc?

  6. Everything is working fine except for the internal storage that is missing.. I connect to Pc still hidden….. Am ọn another Custom till you fix the bug… The one am using is very cool too bug have its little bug too I want this lollifox


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