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[6.0.1] LiquidDark Marshmallow Custom Rom For T-Mobile LG G3 D851

LiquidDark Custom Rom For T-Mobile LG G3 D851

LiquidDark Custom ROM  based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is now available for T-Mobile LG G3 D851 Special thanks to the developer of this rom, this rom providing users with smooth, stable and fast ROMs. A Lightweight modified AOSP base, and then add the features you crave!

T-Mobile LG G3 D851

LiquidDark Rom Features:

 RRO layers
All LiquidSmooth features
– Android-6.0.0_r26 (MDB08M) –
– LiquidDark (CM-Base) Kernel –
– Build with UBERTC toolchains –
– Download Center –
– Layers –
– Battery and Notification Lights –
– Status bar clock customization
– Status bar brightness control –
– Status bar customization Quick Settings –
– Status bar tap to sleep –
– Navbar customization –
– LCD Density –
– Blacklist –
– Quick pulldown listpreference –
– Weather display to status bar –
– Listanimation Views and Interpolator –
– AOKP Custom System animations –
– App Circle Sidebar –
– Custom Carrier label –
– Advanced Reboot –
– Battery text mode –
– Live Volume Steps –
– Volume key cursor control –
– Network speed indicator –
– Clear recents button –
– Back button app kill –
– Toast Animations –
– LiquidDark Wallpaper app –
– CM LockClock –
– Slim Recents –
– Live Display –
– Get more RAM and faster responses by disabling verify-bytecode! –

– initial release
– up-to-date with the source

Thing To Know

•This tutorial is only for installing Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow LiquidDark custom ROM on T-Mobile G3. Please do not try on any other LG G3 variants.
•Your phone has to be Rooted and it should be running the latest possible build of the CWM or TWRP Custom Recovery.
•This tutorial will wipe out all your data. Proceed at your own risk.
•Perform a Dalvik Cache wipe before proceeding from the recovery mode.
•Make sure you backup all your data in your tablet before proceeding.

This site or the developers are not responsible if you damage or brick your device. Do it at your own risk and follow the instruction properly.

Backup important files stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have a backup of all your important files.

Update T-Mobile LG G3 D851 to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow LiquidDark custom ROM

Step 1
– Download Liquid Dark Android 6.0.1 ROM and Google Apps for T-Mobile LG G3 to your computer/mobile.
Step 2
– Connect your D851 to your computer and send the download file to the root of your SD card.
Step 3
–  Then turn OFF your tablet and disconnect the USB cable.
Step 4
–  Boot into Recovery Mode. Switch ON the tablet while pressing and holding Volume Down + Power buttons together.
Step 5
–  Once you are in Recovery Mode, select perform a full data
wipe by selecting “wipe data/factory reset”. Use the Power button to
select everything while in the Recovery Mode.
Step 6
–  Then, perform a cache wipe by selecting “wipe cache partition”.

Step 7 – Now this is optional, but it is recommended to perform a wipe of your
Dalvik cache as well. You will not get into boot loops or any other
errors. From CWM recovery, go to ‘advanced’ and then select “wipe
Dalvik cache”.
Step 8
–  Then go back to the main recovery screen and select “install zip from SD card”.
Step 9
–  Now select “choose zip from sd card”. Using your volume keys, navigate
to the Android 6.0.1 ROM zip file that you copied to your SD card and
select it using the Power button. Confirm the installation on the next
screen and the installation procedure should start now.

Google Apps: Repeat the above step for the Gapps zip file as well and install it on your tablet.

Step 10
–  After the installation completes, go to “+++++Go Back+++++” and
reboot the tablet by selecting “reboot system now” from the recovery
menu .

Your LG G3 will boot now and it might take about 5 minutes to boot on your first time. So, please wait.

Your T-Mobile LG G3 D851 should now have Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow LiquidDark custom ROM installed on your tablet! Go to Settings &  About tablet to verify.


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