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LineageOS 15.1 added a new feature from Android P


It would be on March 9th that Google would announce here the first version for programmers of its Android P. As a leading publication we had the opportunity to present here the main visual changes of the next version of the operating system. Now, we know that LineageOS 15.1 will bring one of the best functions of this version, Lockdown.

Especially for those who value the security of their mobile device Lockdown will be one of the best features of Android P. This is of course if we exclude the new ” Battery Saver Mode “. Note that in the coming months we will still know all these versions “Preview” before the final version, complete.

Anyway, it was with the 1st Developer Preview that we got to know the new Settings, Quick Settings, Notification Panel and Launcher design. What’s more, we are getting to know a new security option. This will be very useful for any and all use of an Android smartphone.

It’s called Lockdown and will allow the user to lock their smartphone, preventing themselves from being unlocked with the fingerprint. Incidentally, it also prevents unblocking with any biometric sensor. This is an important security enhancement that will now be available to users through LineageOS 15.1.

LineageOS 15.1 will bring Android Lockdown P

This is the latest version of this unofficial ROM (not supplied/developed by brands) and will reach a large number of smartphones. In fact, if you do not have a Google Pixel and you want this to be one of the best features of Android P, then LineageOS 15.1 is here. This is one of the most popular ROMs customized and with good reasons for such. It stays true to the concept of pure Android, improving essential aspects. Now, in LineageOS 15.1 you will have a function directly transplanted from the Developer Preview of Android P.

Lockdown function is present in the Android P Developer Preview

Android P LineageOS 15.1 Lockdown
The latest version of testing (Developer Preview) would be distributed by Google itself.

Although the latest version is based on Android Oreo 8.1 (latest version available to the public), they already include this “P” feature. Incidentally, it is already available to the vast majority of users of this custom ROM or  Custom  ROM. You can download the news.



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