Home Smartphones LG V30 UX video shows device key features

LG V30 UX video shows device key features

LG V30 UX video shows device key features

The company Created LG V30 UX video to show off the device key features

LG V30 the most flagship smartphones this year. After many months of device speculations, LG finally unveiled the V30 two days ago at the IFA Berlin.

Now, LG has created and released Video on YouTube to give more hype to the LG V30. The YouTube is Titled LG V30 UX Video, and it mainly highlights the device key features. The user experience of the V30 including the always on display feature is shown in the Video. Know this, the LG V30’s P-OLED screen has an always on feature that user can customize as per their needs. The always on display features is also present in the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Duo. The Video always shows quick tools, battery settings, notifications, and controls for the music player. Another significant change seen on the LG V30 from its predecessor is that it comes without the signature secondary screen.

LG has introduced a floating bar, which functions similarly as the secondary display. This feature gives its user access to drawing tools, the music player, app shortcuts, and the ability to answer their incoming call. While the Quick contacts feature allows users to find a phone number fast. Also, with Point Zoom feature in LG V30 camera, you can use the slider tool to zoom into any point on a picture slowly. There is also the Cine Effects feature which offers a lot of filters that gives a genuine dramatic feeling to a video or photograph. While with Graphy, V30 owners can take images using a manual mode just like a professional photographer does.

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Last and not the lease, the LG V30 UX will allow users to edit videos. They can combine two videos making a new and improved clip.

Hope you enjoy the LG V30 UX video made by Company


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