Home Smartphones Check Out LG V30 Hands on Pictures

Check Out LG V30 Hands on Pictures

LG V30 hands on

LG V30 Hands on Pictures

The LG V30 was officially unveiled earlier today in Berlin during the first day of the IFA 2017 and marked the launch of a new flagship for the Korean company.

LG V30

The device also has a 3.5 audio jack, QuadDAC support and comes with an awesome pair of B&O headphones.
LG V30 Charging port
LG V30 Face and Voice recognition

The V-series were also known for their ruggedness and that is still true – the sleek aesthetics of the metal and glass body conceal an IP68 waterproofing (new to the series) along with the usual MIL-STD compliance.

LG V30 water protectedLG V30 Tough construction IP68 water protected

LG V30 Hands on Pictures



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