Home NEWS LG prepares to launch the LG V40 with 5 cameras

LG prepares to launch the LG V40 with 5 cameras

LG prepares to launch the LG V40 with 5 cameras

LG is far from being in the top grindstone in the Android world. But the South Korean company is preparing a new LG V40 in order to try to turn the situation around.

The LG G7 ThinQ has already been officialized in Europe, however, it remains far from the shelves of the largest retailers. LG is still a bit asleep and at this point it is forbidden to take a passive action in the technology market.

Apparently, the brand is already working on the next smartphone to launch more towards the end of the year. The LG V40 is expected to replace the V30 / 30S and will bring about significant changes from last year’s model.

According to the Android Police, the LG V40 will feature a design very similar to the G7 ThinQ. Obviously, I speak of the screen with a notch at the top. Rest assured that the notch can be hidden with software such as the top of the South Korean company.

LG V40 is expected to bring Android Oreo, two front and 3 rear cameras

Even more relevant than the notch is the amount of photographic sensors that the alleged LG V40 will have. The same sources reveal that the new Android smartphone will have 5 cameras. Two of them will be on the front and 3 on the back.

LG-V30S-ThinQ-LG V40

When it comes to the front cameras, it looks like they will be able to detect faces more effectively. It will not be as secure as Face ID, however, it will be much safer than the technology used at the moment.

We should have 3 rear chambers. We still do not know for what specifically. One of them should bring the known “wide angle” that we are used to, but there is no information about the features of the third sensor.

It’s time to learn more about the flagships that will be revealed later this year. The new iPhone, Note 9, Mate 20, Mi Mix 3 and LG V40 should be hot topics to watch out for.


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