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LG prepares mobile phone with 16 cameras

LG prepares mobile phone with 16 cameras

All users who have a smartphone always like to have good cameras. Manufacturers are aware of this and as such have been betting on innovative ways to ensure the best photographs. Now the novelty seems to be the 16 chambers!

LG 16 Camera device

Thus, we have seen the launch of devices with more than two cameras.

The pioneer to do it well was Huawei with its P20 Pro. In fact, it is an excellent piece of device. Then came other devices, and the current record in the number of cameras is the Galaxy A9 (2018). This mobile phone stands out by its 4 rear chambers.

LG 16 Camera device 1

However, this record should not last forever. It is that HMD Global is preparing the Nokia 9 which has five rear cameras. Still, even this device already has a competitor to the height.

16 cameras: a landmark of LG that will be difficult to overcome

New information says that LG is preparing a mobile phone with so many cameras that it will be difficult for another manufacturer to try to match this feat. Last week and more specifically on November 20, LG received the patent for a cell phone with 16 rear cameras! The patent was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The images in the patent show that the chambers are arranged in a 4 × 4 grid.

If rumors are correct, users will be able to choose and combine multiple lenses before taking a photo or even combining various parts of the pictures taken by the different cameras into a single image or moving image.

Use 16 cameras for selfies? It seems so

The 16 cameras can also be used to take self-pictures, as the patent says that this equipment can have a kind of “mirror” integrated in the back or even a small secondary screen. However, this device will still have a front camera for video calls or for a normal selfie.

The patent also indicates that this smartphone may also feature a kind of touchpad on the back. Although this is something apparently innovative it is not something new.

A few years ago, the Doogee launched some smartphones with a touchpad on the back that should be used to control the phone. Another thing the patent mentioned is the possible implementation of cameras on a folding device or flip phone.


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