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LG may also launch a foldable smartphone soon

LG may also launch a foldable smartphone soon

There are already several companies that have started to develop their first foldable smartphone, or so we believe. Brands such as Samsung, Huawei or even Motorola have already unveiled their plans in this direction, with LG joining this range.

The folding smartphone is something that the technology market has been craving for many years. Lenovo was even one of the first companies to show us functional prototypes of this ideology, but without ever making an end product available.

Now, everything is heading for Samsung to be the first to change this paradigm. Rumors suggest that the first device of the South Korean gender will be unveiled in January next year.

By 2019 we still have the promise by China’s Huawei for a similar maneuver. The second largest developer in the Android world also wants to brighten next year with such irreverent equipment as the market wants.

LG patent its philosophy for a foldable smartphone

But LG does not want to be far behind in this race. We are now aware of a patent that shows us the ideology of the South Korean company against what should be a smartphone foldable.

The patent in question shows us a smartphone with ideology similar to that of Samsung. That is, an equipment whose screen will fold in half. To do this, LG will adopt a hinge mechanism that will allow you to fold the screen at certain points.

In addition, two magnets will be included at the top and bottom of the smartphone to prevent unwanted unfolding. This whole set has been designed to provide the greatest possible durability to the smartphone screen.



As for the operation of the equipment the details are scarce and the one we know resembles the mobile phones shell. This is because the smartphone screen will automatically turn on when unfolded, and will automatically turn off when folded.

The same patent also reveals LG’s intention to accommodate two antennas, two loudspeakers and two microphones in this smartphone. We must not forget the intention to accommodate the front camera of the equipment under your screen, everything to give us a screen without borders.

The submission of a patent does not necessarily mean the launch of such equipment. This rule applies also to this case, so it is still not guaranteed that LG will launch a smartphone as idealized in this patent.


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