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LG is thinking of a completely revolutionary new product. Know the details

We are constantly faced with patents from various companies and their vision for the future of technology. Now it was LG's turn to fill one of those documents with something truly irreverent.

As the Asian publication Asia Time advances, LG submitted a patent for Device that will be a smartphone, a tablet and a portable computer . An ideal product for those who work outside the home.

LG patente

This hybrid format requires a screen capable of folding and curling. When closed you will have a smartphone in your pocket, but if you need a larger screen, you only have to pull its right side.

But if the tablet format is not enough for your needs, you can pull further the screen and fold it. This way you can transform your Device into a laptop in a simple and fast way.

Software will be the biggest difficulty in a device of this type

If anyone has the engineering to develop a product like this is LG. It is worth remembering that the South Korean has already launched a television with a curling screen, so it would not be unreasonable to take advantage of this know-how for other departments.

However, software is the point that raises the most doubts in this approach. If Android is a good operating system for smartphones, the same cannot be said for a tablet, let alone a computer.

Obviously, the patent submitted does not provide information regarding the software of this device. However, it is something that will have to be well thought out and developed if this concept comes to life.

Attention that nothing guarantees us that LG will transform this concept into something real. A patent only represents the legal registration of an idea and does not require that it be materialized.

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