Home NEWS LG G7 ThinQ exceeds the number of pre-sales of LG G6

LG G7 ThinQ exceeds the number of pre-sales of LG G6

LG G7 ThinQ exceeds the number of pre-sales of LG G6

The month of May started practically with the presentation of the new LG G7 ThinQ. The successor to the top-of-the-range LG G6 took a little longer to hit the market than usual due to some changes in its development process.

I remember that the development process of the LG G7 ThinQ started from scratch. The current situation of South Korea in the mobile market is not the most advantageous with the company reporting in the red several consecutive quarters.

As such, the successor to the LG G6 was rethought from scratch in order to captivate users again. And, in fact, this G7 is an equipment with a quality that should not be called into question.

This top of the range Android has specifications consistent with the market segment in which it is inserted. Their building materials are also of high quality. But was this enough for the company to return to the limelight?

LG G7 ThinQ outperforms the LG G6 predecessor in its home market

The first numbers referring to the pre-sale period of the equipment are encouraging. The South Korean press reports that the LG G7 ThinQ was able to beat the G6 in the first six days of pre-sales.

In fact, the new Android top-end will have sold a total of 70,000 copies in South Korea in this period. We are looking almost double what sold the G6 in the same period (40,000 units).

Analyzing these numbers in a cool way, the G7 ThinQ is not one of the most successful devices on the market. In fact, it is a figure that puts it well below its main domestic rival, the Samsung Galaxy S9.

However, we have to look at these numbers given the reality of LG. The company is far from having the market expression of its domestic rival. Therefore, the fact that this equipment has managed to sell more than its predecessor is already a good omen.

Now it remains to be seen whether this trend will continue throughout the year. Could this G7 be the turn of a page in an increasingly bitter story for South Korean?


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