Home NEWS Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5), after so much anticipation, the perfect disappointment …

Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5), after so much anticipation, the perfect disappointment …

Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5), after so much anticipation, the perfect disappointment ...
Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5)

Introduced today (June 5) in the morning, Lenovo Z5 is the spiritual successor of ZUK manufacturer. It could even be called ZUK Z5 but I do not think it deserves such praise because after all, the ZUK were beautiful top of the range. Here, we have a mediocre Android smartphone in most respects.

The new Lenovo Z5 is nothing more than a bundle of trends in a new format, economical, attractive and visually appealing. Truth be told, the terminal has everything to be successful with consumers. Still, it betrayed all my expectations.

How come?

That said, I know that it is much easier, faster and safer simply copy what works … Still, I was not expecting one more clone or the blatant copy of the iPhone X from Apple.

Shall we come to this?

Unfortunately, I was the victim of a huge deception perpetrated by Mr. Chang Cheng, the same who promised worlds and funds for this smartphone. From an autonomy to 45 days in  standby and here is able to comply.

In the new Android smartphone, the Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5) we have a battery of 3300mAh with fast loading of 18W. Good thing I would say. At least one of the promises is able to deliver.

And the 4TB of storage?

After we made a total “bear” figure, Lenovo actually brought us 4TB of storage but wait … it was not on the smartphone. No, nothing like that, it was a brand new record. A hard drive …

What about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845?

It’s fine, saved for other smartphones and recommended. In this Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5) we have the SoC Snapdragon 636 from Qualcomm  and nothing against this processor / mobile platform.

It has 8 cores and a maximum processing frequency of 1.8Ghz. The only drawback was the expectations created by the company around this terminal. Promising a top of the range on several occasions and at the end of the day, we have a mid-range smartphone.

Not that it is devoid of good arguments. Incidentally, here is the article of exposure of the product. In practice we had here a “Masters of Illusion” with the company laughing at our face.

18 patented technologies for the new Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5)

The vice president of the Lenovo group hinted that they were preparing something big. Here suggesting the inclusion of a big screen in your new main product and here maybe it was our fault.

By letting expectations grow so much, in the craving for the first smartphone to “escape to the notch”, we let ourselves be “rolled up” by Mr. Chang Cheng. The product that was presented today could not be further from what we were waiting for …

In a perfect disillusionment, only the low prices of the new Android smartphone are saved. Note that the new Lenovo Z5 (ZUK Z5) costs 1299 yuan or  202 dollars . Here the equivalent of  172 euros .

Save the price and promise of Android P for the Lenovo Z5

This is its price for China, referring to the base version of the Android smartphone with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. It should also be noted that at the moment there is no forecast of arrival in international markets.

We also have the top version with 128GB of internal storage and 6GB of RAM. This costs the equivalent of  281 dollars  or  240 euros . Coming to the market from June 12 in China.

Not to mention the “notch”, until the color of the Huawei P20 …

To our readers we apologize for all the leaks of information announced as revolutionary. Although it is rare to find such a deception, Lenovo has proven itself to be disillusioned.

Hopefully at least your products will be more faithful to the expectations of future users.


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