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Lenovo Z5 to feature 4TB of storage, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip or the Helio P60

Lenovo Z5 with 4TB of storage
Lenovo Z5

This is no longer the first time we talk about Lenovo’s future Android. Initially we believed that the Lenovo Z5 would arrive by the sub Zuk, however, it is not of this that we will see a “Zukão” in the market again.

The image published by Lenovo’s vice president, Chang Cheng, said that the Asian brand was working on a smartphone with interesting quirks.

The brand launched an image with a display-only device on the front. Imagine the iPhone X without such a “Notch”. This is the dream of any lover of mobile technology.

Today we have even more information about such a Lenovo Z5 and believe that they surprise. According to the same source, the next Android will come with a storage of 4TB. Yap, 4 terabytes!

Lenovo Z5 promises to revolutionize the Android market! Incidentally, the mobile market!

But here there is always an issue that we must raise. Will the device arrive even with 4TB, or will it be possible to insert a card with such memory? The HTC U12 +, which will be revealed soon, will accept 2TB cards.

We are still not sure if this Lenovo will reach the world market, nor do we have any idea of its specifications.

Rumors say the terminal will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip or the Helio P60. Truth be told, they would do very badly if they did not throw a beast of these with top specs.

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Imagining a smartphone with 4TB is unthinkable to me. I still remember paying €35 for a 256MB memory card. By the way, my iMac has 2TB of storage and feel that it is always far from reaching your memory.

At least the device will be more than a simple smartphone. It does not stop you from using the bad boy as an external disk. We will see if the price convinces as much as these latest leaks of information.


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