Home NEWS Lenovo Z5 to be officially unveiled on June 5

Lenovo Z5 to be officially unveiled on June 5

Lenovo Z5 to be officially unveiled on June 5
Lenovo Z5 to be officially unveiled on June 5

In the last two years we have seen a constant reduction of the screen margins in the smartphones. A trend started with the Xiaomi Mi Mix and quickly reproduced by many other companies. But the real revolution will come soon and will become known as Lenovo Z5.

This new Android smartphone is one of the most anticipated today. Not because it is the latest equipment of the Chinese manufacturer, but because of what it will offer the market. As one prefigures, it will be truly revolutionary.

This, yes, will be the first smartphone without any margins or bezel . According to what is advanced, it will have a screen that will cover 95% of the frontal structure of the equipment. We do not have any notch here. Screen only.

The image you see at the top is what we all expect from this Android. The same has been publicized by the company itself with the aspect that you can see. Nothing more than the essentials to support your screen.

Lenovo Z5 arrives on June 5

This will be the main, and most attractive, asset of the Lenovo Z5. But there are many more that stand out this new Android smartphone from its direct competition and that make it something exceptional.

It will be one of the next smartphones to hit the market with a biometric sensor built into the display. Another revolution that the market longs for, but still lacks some maturation.

The examples we have on the market work, but they are far from common sensors. The response times for authentication of these new sensors are slower than the usual ones.

Then we have to consider the fantastic battery that will equip this Lenovo Z5. From what has been advanced, it can last up to 45 days in stand-by . This was the only advanced data, not being known the total capacity of the same.

Still with regard to its battery, it will give users the ability to talk for another 30 minutes, even after reaching 0%. We are faced with unthinkable energy reserves up to a few days. It will be something unparalleled in the technology market.

As you can see from this short summary, the new Lenovo Z5 promises huge for the Android market. In all, 18 new technologies were patented for this equipment. But when can we get our hands on a copy?

The smartphone will be revealed next week

Although this is not yet known, we know that the Lenovo Z5 will be officially unveiled next June 5. In about a week we will be in possession of all the details regarding this revolutionary equipment.

The good news comes to us through the Weibo social network. Chang Cheng, VP of Lenovo and former CEO of ZUK, is the one who gives us this precious information. The presentation of the equipment will take place in Beijing, China, at 2:00 p.m. local time or 6:00 p.m. in Lisbon.

Now that we know when the Lenovo Z5 will be made official, it will not be surprising if the information grows. This scenario occurs recurrently in the technological world, so keep an eye out for news.


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