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Lenovo Z5 completely sold out in mere seconds

Lenovo Z5 completely sold out in mere seconds

While teasers and promotional images are completely misleading, the new Lenovo Z5 smartphone knows what consumers are looking for. A little iPhone X , a hue of Huawei P20 Pro, a big screen and a very competitive price. Even the latest version of the operating system, Android Oreo 8.1.

The result? A smartphone that draws inspiration from practically all the relevant brands in this market, with a price much in mind. Incidentally, it is not by chance that we return to the price issue, costing only 1299 yuan or about 202 dollars / 172 €.

This last argument, of weight, shows us that despite the total lack of originality the smartphone was designed to please the public. Following all the market trends but with an irresistible value. Success is now in sight.

Despite all the deception that preceded its presentation, the smartphone arrived in stores today in China at 10 o’clock in the morning (local time). Within a few minutes, the first batch of the drive was completely depleted to Lenovo’s great joy.

Lenovo Z5 is a case of success … unexpected!

In fact, the Chinese manufacturer itself says that this Lenovo Z5 is its new sales champion, having been a real success in the online store. Indeed, through the JD.com sales platform, the product has surpassed even the new Honor Play from Huawei or the Xiaomi Mi 8. This shows us that above all (and above all originality), the consumer values the price of the terminal. Now, and if this mirror all that is sought in a current smartphone, so much the better.

Lenovo Z5 Android Oreo

This list shows us the most searched and best-selling devices on the JD.com online platform. There, not even the new top of the range of Xiaomi has managed to captivate so many consumers. The same can be said about the iPhone X from Apple.

Although the brand does not disclose the number of units sold, or the number of units of this lot, they are still great news. The brand finally has a product that can catapult it to the Top 5 of the largest manufacturers in China.

Lenovo Z5 uses Android Oreo 8.1 with ZUI

The smartphone with the Android platform Oreo uses the processor Snapdragon 636 from Qualcomm. This mid-range mobile platform gives you great processing power. Incidentally, exceptional if we take into consideration its price.

This Lenovo Z5 also has a total of 6GB of RAM and 128GB or 64GB of internal storage. These are weighty arguments and specifications that almost touch the top of the range.

Lenovo Z5 uses Android Oreo 8.1

Something that certainly did not go unnoticed to the consumers in China that joined in mass to this peculiar Lenovo Z5. The device that looks like a rival for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, one of the sales champions.

The Lenovo Z5 smartphone uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor

Note that the most wanted version was of course the base version with 6GB / 64GB. This, costing the equivalent of $ 202 or 172 euros has become irresistible. The terminal itself also features a large screen with 6.2-inch Full-HD + resolution.

The “notch” at the top is already one of the most sought after and the 16MP + 8MP dual camera gives you the ultimate retouching. The smartphone with Google’s Android Oreo platform also has a 3300mAh capacity battery.

In other words, the Lenovo Z5 smartphone has everything a consumer wants. This of course, if you do not mind using your interface, the ZUI. Or the total lack of originality of the product …


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