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Lenovo may also launch a competitor to Oppo Find X

Oppo Find X is one of the most irreverent smartphones on the market and this is becoming more and more notorious. There are more and more reports from manufacturers that may launch new smartphones with similar technology, with Lenovo being one of them.

The main differentiating point of Oppo Find X is its slide- type frontal camera . Basically, this component is housed in a mechanical lifting mechanism. The same appears whenever the use of the front camera of the smartphone is required.

This type of approach thus allows the brands to create an Device with a screen of margins almost nonexistent. This is one of the current desires of many mobile technology fans.

In fact, lately we have come across reports from several other companies that may follow the same path. Yesterday we reported that the future Honor Magic 2 will have a similar mechanism.

Lenovo will be the next to follow the fashion started by Oppo Find X

Also the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 should have a similar approach. Thus, it will be able to solve one of the main problems pointed to this line that has raised several fans.

So that they do not feel alone, we now have the revelation by Lenovo of a concept that reminds us of Oppo Find X. The vice president of the Chinese company made use of the social network Weibo to us to spread a video with this concept.

Clearly it is an Device that has not yet been announced. We have here a smartphone with a screen whose margins are practically nil. However, we have a small chin at the bottom.

In addition, this Device, as presented in the video in question, has a biometric reader built into the screen. This is a detail that we can not find in the smartphone that served as an inspiration to this concept.

The video in question is very short and little more than this there is to withdraw from it. After the fiasco that was the Lenovo Z5, many readers will take this concept with much suspicion.

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