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Lenovo latest concepts include a smart speaker with a built-in projector


Lenovo has been working on several ambitious concepts centred around Artificial intelligence (AI) for a long time now. Back in 2015, They showed off a laser projector built into their device. Last year, the company revealed a flexible device, at its 2017 Tech World Summit, Lenovo showed off its latest concept products, and this time around, its manufacturer is focusing on AI.

Lenovo latest concepts include a smart speaker with a built-in projector

First up is the CAVA, a smart assistant which relies on deep learning to build facial recognition systems and natural language understanding technologies to better understand it users queries. CAVA Lenovo (SMART ASSISTANT) learns based on the user’s usage habits, and it can parse messages to serve up recommendations. For instance, if you have an upcoming calendar event, CAVA will analyse the traffic data and weather and suggest the ideal time to leave.
Lenovo SmartCast+

With its SmartCast+, Lenovo is looking to go beyond the likes of Google Home and Echo by offering a smart speaker that recognises objects and sounds. The speaker also has a built-in projector that delivers AR experiences damn you will for sure have a nice time with this by projecting your images to a wall, with Lenovo looking at educational use cases for the device.
Lenovo DaystAR

Built on Lenovo’s own AR platform It DaystAR headset an independent vision processing unit with a free-formed surface lenses and a 40-degree field view offers untethered AR experiences.
Lenovo SmartVest

Lenovo’s SmartVest has a ten textile sensors that are built into the ECG-equipped clothing to continually monitor the user’s cardiac activity. The SmartVest records ECG signals 24/7 and alerts users if it finds any abnormalities like atrial fibrillation or tachycardia.
Lenovo Xiaole service

Finally, Is the Xiaole service which is aimed at businesses. This AI-based service learns from its customer interactions, allowing it to tailor their responses to sound more personal.

Like previous years, there’s no telling if any of the Lenovo highlighted concepts would turn into viable consumer-ready products today.


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