Home NEWS Laboratory finds data leakage of 3.4 million streaming services

Laboratory finds data leakage of 3.4 million streaming services

Laboratory finds data leakage of 3.4 million streaming services

Dfndr lab, the research arm of cyber security company PSafe, has raised five databases that have been compromised in several countries. The company points out that leaked information totals 3.4 million users worldwide, related to streaming music and video services, as well as gaming platforms.

The lab said it had access to the data because of documents leaked by hackers. In them, there are passwords and emails from users as shown below.

With login and password, cybercriminals can have full access and use the services as if they were the account owner. In addition, many people use the same passwords for various services, which gives even more access to the hacker to personal or even private and confidential information of the victims, “says Emilio Simoni, director of the dfndr lab.

According to Simoni, it is quite common for hackers to share their ‘achievements’ on the deep web with other groups of cybercriminals, which leaves the victims even more exposed.

For the lab, it is likely that these data were fed organically, using phishing attack systems. That is, the hacker sends an email or creates a false platform, in which the user himself delivers his information. Thus, it is possible to believe that the databases of these services themselves have not been effectively invaded.

In short, these more than 3.4 million data would be a compilation of scams on multiple users.

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Therefore, the laboratory emphasizes the importance of taking some basic safety precautions. The first is to not click on links that you suspect. Most come from message apps like WhatsApp, by SMS or email. So, if you are not expecting a message from these, or cannot confirm the origin of the link, do not click.

It is also wise to always verify that the site you are on is the official one. Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify , for example, always offer a website with .com.br termination, for example.


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