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Japan tests 400-mph bullet train, the world’s fastest

Japan began testing the world’s fastest bullet train last Friday (10). It is capable of reaching speeds up to 400 km / h, and is expected to enter service in 2030.

Despite the speed, the so-called Alpha-X is expected to operate at 360 km / h, according to JR East. Even so, it would still be 10 km / h faster than the Chinese Fuxing Hao, which links the cities of Beijing and Shanghai and currently boasts the title of the world’s fastest bullet train.

In order to deal with the huge wind resistance when entering the tunnels, the first car of the Alfa-X will have a long and pointed nose that measures 22 meters. In all, the train will consist of 10 wagons.

Alfa-X tests are being conducted between the cities of Aomori and Sendai after midnight when the line is closed for commercial operation. The experiments will be conducted for three years.

The bullet trains made their debut in Japan during the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and have become a symbol for the country, where they are even seen as an alternative to air travel.

Although Alpha-X may turn out to be the world’s fastest train, it could be dethroned before it even goes live. This is because the new maglev line is being built for 2027 and promises to reach a top speed of 505 km / h. The train would reduce travel time between the cities of Tokyo and Nagoya from 110 minutes to 40 minutes.

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