Home NEWS Japan prepares for Olympic eSports

Japan prepares for Olympic eSports

Japan prepares for Olympic eSports

Gambling legislation restricts eSports tournaments

Laws that impede professional gaming tournaments in Japan may soon receive changes to allow the growth of eSports in the country – which already wants to prepare for the supposed entry of the sport in the Olympics in 2024.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the action is headed by representatives of the party of Shinzo Abe himself, Prime Minister of Japan.

The move aims to modify rules to allow eSports athletes to earn a living in the country through professional competitions, something that today is hampered by laws against gambling and gambling in the country.

In November, members of the situation and opposition parties joined in efforts to support the advancement of eSports in the country. One of the strategy would be the issuance of special licenses for athletes to circumvent the laws against gambling, in a similar way as the country does today with modalities such as golf, baseball and tennis.

The first official tournament to use the special licenses is expected to take place in February this year.



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