Home NEWS January patches send Xiaomi Mi A2 to bootloop

January patches send Xiaomi Mi A2 to bootloop

January patches send Xiaomi Mi A2 to bootloop

To repeat the success obtained by the predecessor, for Xiaomi Mi A2, is anything but simple, and at the moment we can not say whether it has succeeded or not. We can say, however, that Xiaomi has produced a product that from the technical point of view, if compared to the price necessary to bring home one, exposes the side to a few criticisms.

Also difficult to criticize the firmware, which in the same way of Mi A1 relies on the simplicity and effectiveness of Android One, which should guarantee – and often manages to do so – timely and constant updates. So far everything has proceeded for the best, including the arrival of the security patches of January 2019. It was not that, according to what is learned on the net, these have caused a serious problem to arise.

XDA reports how different users, after installing the latest patches, complain about the inability to start the smartphone due to the bootloop, which is a sterile repetition of the boot process. Xiaomi, for the moment, has not commented on the story of which we can not doubt the truth: indeed, if you have a Xiaomi Mi A2 with January patch report to us if you had to deal with this problem.

However, until the situation is clear, we advise you to wait before updating your smartphone.


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