Home NEWS iPhone XS will be even more expensive than what we thought!

iPhone XS will be even more expensive than what we thought!

iPhone XS will be even more expensive than what we thought!

No doubt that Apple is trying to keep all the details about the new generation of iPhone in secret … But the leaks insist on not stopping! Incidentally, there may have been more leaks in this release in which Apple took a more defensive position than in all others.

After all, this year we already had access to Apple’s own marketing images that confirm the design of the new iPhone XS as well as the new ‘Plus’ model! Yes, we already know the names, iPhone XS for the model of 5.8 “and iPhone XS Max for the 6.5”.

However, we still do not know the price that Apple intends to apply!

According to some rumors, the Apple iPhone of 2018 will follow the matrix of last year, namely:

  • iPhone LCD 6.1 “‘Budget’ to $ 699
  • iPhone XS to $ 799
  • iPhone XS Max to $ 999

What actually seems to me too good prices to be true! Just a $ 100 difference between the Budget model and the iPhone XS? Hmm ….

That said, a new research note from Merryl Lynch (via CNBC) mentions that the 6.1 “variant will cost $ 799, with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max costing $ 999 and $ 1049, respectively.

“The price of the iPhone is probably higher than the consensus, ” said Wamsi Mohan, an analyst at Bank of America. ” While investor expectations are of some price moderation for the 2019 models, we expect Apple to continue the iPhones price philosophy, which should boost consensus estimates .”

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While it would be very good for the market that Apple decided on the prices mentioned above … We have to be realistic, the company of ‘Apple’ never had problems in putting ‘Premium’ prices on their products! In fact, if there is something that has happened over the years, it is the enhancement of their devices.

In addition, although the iPhone X was not the success that Apple expected … Given the price of 1000 $ (€ 1179 in Portugal), sold it no hot buns! Something that gives green letter to the company to continue to put ‘ultra premium’ prices in its products.


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